After a month of some fairly serious weekend drinking (and not much attention to what I’ve been eating) I’ve decided to do a 3-day juice detox.  I know what you’re thinking: How yoga-trendy of me; but I know a lot of people who love them and I figure why not? After a trip to the doctor revealed that my formerly very polite scale has been rudely lying to me about 7 lbs of my body mass, what’s a yogini to do?

I’ve done a detox before and none too strictly at that. I drank juice for four days, but that was about it.  I didn’t pay much attention to what juice I was drinking and a lot of the time I would find it so vile that I wouldn’t even finish it; basically I starved myself for 4-days.  So this time I plan to follow the juicing program to the letter.  Telling all of you fine readers about it ought to hold me to it.  And if that’s not enough I got my boss onboard so we can look at each other in disappointment if either of us fall off the green juice wagon.

We’re doing the detox through a new juice bar on Miami Beach called Jugofresh.  They cold press their juices, which as I understand it (and my understanding of the juicing world is limited) means that it retains more nutrients than a lot of other juicing options.

As an avid blogger (and compulsive share-a-holic) I’ve laid out a few question I’ll answer for you each day to bring you into the world of juice detoxing.

1) How do I feel? Right now (pre-detox) I’m pretty amped. I love doing things to challenge myself and not eating anything solid for 3-days will be challenging for this hungry yogi. I’m a little apprehensive, because I always forget what hungry feels like until I’m about ready to bite someone’s head off… so I hope I can keep it together!

2) What’s my favorite juice? Don’t know yet, but I’ll keep you updated!

3) Worst moment of the day? My pre-detox was supposed to be all fruits and veggies… I may or may not just have eaten a slice of pizza…

4) Have I worked out? Today – yes! I ran 3-miles. Then tomorrow I’ve got pilates in the morning and hopefully yoga at night with one of my fav instructors (and my boss). So that juice better be energizing – otherwise I’m going to burn out before teaching my beginner’s at 7:30pm!

5) Best moment of the day? Finishing my 5K run and writing this post… ok those are two separate moments, but both are assisting me in taking control of my life and moving onwards and upwards!

Stay tuned for my inevitable juice-inspired mental breakdowns, hysterical epiphanies, additional breakdowns, sudden bursts of rage and exhausted rants… and much more!

Heather C