When it changes your life.  Since I started yoga I have said that it is the most important thing in my life.  I emphasize thing because there have been many people that even yoga cannot hold a candle to.  But yes, yoga has changed the entire trajectory or my future.  I once saw myself working as a big time magazine editor, then for a while as a published author and while that last one hasn’t changed I will forever be a yoga teacher. I will talk about the simple perfection of downward facing dog to strangers, get excited about handstands and arm balances to an almost off-putting degree, sing kirtan loudly and happily and get on my mat 4x a week for the rest of my life.  That’s quite the sharp right turn from where I was heading before yoga came into my life.

When you allow yoga to be more than a sweat-fest, more than a deep stretch, more than a regular workout that’s when it changes your life.  When you see your practice as a reflection of your life and make it about more than the physical – that’s when it kicks Pilates’ ass.

I’m sure some of you have seen this video – but check it out if you haven’t watched it. This 40-odd-year-old gentleman had his world rocked by yoga – in the best imaginable way.  He went from being a handicapped veteran who couldn’t walk unassisted to a full-blown (140lb lighter) yogi.  It’s a testament more to this guys fearless and unyielding drive to change than to yoga itself, but yoga was the vehicle he used to change his life.

How will you change yours?

Happy Sunday Funday!

Heather C